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2003 Face-to-Face Meeting

While many objectives of the Network can be achieved with the WEB site and mailing list, nothing can really replace a Face-to-Face meeting to help generate understanding, camaradarie, and encourage sharing.  The Malawi Mission Network was first formed at a Face-to-Face meeting in August, 2003 near Louisville, KY.  We had approximately 30 people at the meeting and we shared what we were all doing and were gladened to see how much we all had in common but also how much we could learn from each other. Everyone felt this was an extremely valuable opportunity and they wanted to do it again in a year.

2004 Face-to-Face Meeting

The2004 meeting of the Malawi Mission Network  was held on August 26th to 28th, 2004 in Louisville, KY.  We had 27 people attending from 14 states in addition to the featured presenters and PCUSA staff from Louisville.

Highlights for the meeting included:

    Rev. Dr. Felix Chingota - the General Assembly Moderator for CCAP Malawi
    Dr. Martha Sommers - home on furlough from Ekwendeni/Embangweni Hospitals
    A presentation on the University of Livingstonia

Perhaps just as important as the wonderful speakers was the opportunity to share experiences with other Christians with similar interests in Malawi but possibly very different experiences.

2005 Face-to-Face Meeting

The 2005 Meeting of the Malawi Mission Network was held August 18th to 20th, 2005 in Chicago, IL.  We had over 60 people attending from 17 states plus Malawi.

Highlights of the meeting included:

Rev. Dr. Winston Kawale - the General Secretary of the Synod of Nkhoma of CCAP. Click here for the text of his keynote speech.
A presentation by 12 Malawian students from South Bend, IN, including some singing and dancing.

For more details including pictures of the meeting - click here.

We decided to meet again in 2006 and see the details here.