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PC(USA) Based Links

Presbyterian Church USA - PC(USA) Home Page
PC(USA) Mission Workers in Malawi
PC(USA) Disaster Assistance

Pittsburgh Presbytery- has a partnership with Synod of Blantyre
Malawi Partnership

Presbytery of Eastern Oklahoma - has a partnership with Synod of Livingstonia

Presbytery of Northern New York - has a partnership with Synod of Livingstonia
Partnership Information

Medical Benevolence Foundation

The Outreach Foundation

Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship 

Paul & Darlene Heller BLOG ( formerly at Ministry of Hope in Mzuzu)

Embangweni Mission Station

Congo Mission Network

Ghana Mission Network  

Kenya Mission Network 

PC(USA) Groups & Networks 

Christian Medical Institute of Kasai - Congo   

CCAP Links

Synod of Livingstonia

Blantyre Synod

Blantyre Synod Health & Development Commission

Mulanje Mission Hospital  

Nkhoma Synod -
     Facebook Page

Nkhoma Hospital

Synod of Zambia

Synod of Harare

Other Organizations

Ministry of Hope - Malawi based orphan care program, including  the Crisis Nursery

University of Livingstonia

Marion Medical Mission 

Containers for Malawi -Northern Ireland

Basic Utility Vehicles 

Malawi Matters - dedicated to providing "Creative Methods of HIV / AIDS Education"

Solar Under the Sun  

Living Waters for the World  

Africa Bags 

Mzuzu SMART Centre 

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Malawi General Interest Links

African Studies Center -  online resources list

Malawi Headlines - updated daily

Malawi News - online headlines

The Nation - online newspaper

Wikipedia Entry on Malawi

State Dept Malawi Info

Malawi Embassy to USA

Malawi The Warm Heart  

Blog by a Writer/photographer of visit to Malawi

Relief Organizations & Famine Info

Relief WEB - UN Humanitarian Relief Info

Advocacy Network for Africa

Famine Early Warning System Network

Presbyterian Church in Canada on Malawi Famine

BBC Story on Famine in Africa

USAID - Malawi

Help with the Prison Crisis in Malawi! !

Language Resources

More Chichewa Words & Phrases

Chichewa Language in Wikipedia

Chichewa Phrasebook

Chitumbuka Words

Chitumbuka Language in Wikipedia

Chitumbuka Phrasebook

Chitumbuka Language Blog Page    

Other Resources

MMM 2017 Devotionals

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