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2005 Face-to-Face Meeting

The 2005 Meeting of the Malawi Mission Network was held August 18th to 20th, 2005 in Chicago, IL.  We had over 60 people attending from 17 states plus Malawi.  The meeting was held at the Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center in Chicago.

Highlights of the meeting included:

Rev. Dr. Winston Kawale - the General Secretary of the Synod of Nkhoma of CCAP. Click here for the text of his keynote speech.
A presentation by 12 Malawian students from South Bend, IN, including some singing and dancing.

We decided to meet again in 2006 and see the details here.

Here are some pictures from the 2005 Meeting.  To see the full size picture, click on the image.

THP8190318.JPG (9032 bytes)
Dr. Winston Kawale
addressing group
THP8190322.JPG (7704 bytes)
Dr. Kawale and Mark Plumb
THP8190320.JPG (10456 bytes)
Intently listening.
THP8190324.JPG (10684 bytes)
Group laying on of hands
and praying for Dr. Kawale
THP8190329.JPG (8735 bytes)
Presenting the report on
Synod of Livingstonia
THP8190304.JPG (9900 bytes)
Enjoying a meal
THP8190335.JPG (10270 bytes)
Relaxing after a meal
THP8190338.JPG (9116 bytes)
Terry Namwali, Chair of
FPC South Bend
Malawi Assoc.
THP8190342.JPG (9808 bytes)
FPC South Bend Malawi
Assoc. members
THP8190344.JPG (8370 bytes)
FPC South Bend Malawi
Assoc. members singing
with Dr. Kawale
THP8190354.JPG (10454 bytes)
Audience playing

THP8190358.JPG (11451 bytes)
Audience playing
THP8190360.JPG (10379 bytes) THP8200362.JPG (8350 bytes)
Dr. George Pope -
Exec. Dir. of MBF
THP8200367.JPG (7625 bytes)
Kathy Reeves and
Emmanuel Mwachande
THP8200371.JPG (8936 bytes)
Bob & Edit Rasmussen &
Penny Muelenaer
THP8200372.JPG (10701 bytes) THP8200380.JPG (8028 bytes)
Libby Brown explaining
about Black Caucus
THP8200383.JPG (8555 bytes)
Rev. Otis Smith
THP8200385.JPG (9311 bytes)
Joe Hopkins, Kay Day
& Mark Plumb