There are a number of Presbyteries and Churches in the USA that have established Partnerships with a counterpart in Malawi.  These are important relationships that do much more than just provide financial aid to Malawian church groups. These also help form international friendships, educate Americans about Christian brothers and sisters in a 3rd world country and show the Malawians that there are people around the world that know about and care about them.  In many cases, the Malawians bring a strength of faith that show Americans what Christianity is all about.

USA Organization Malawi Partner Further Information
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Presbytery Synod of Blantyre
Presbytery of Northern New York Synod of Livingstonia
Presbytery of Eastern Oklahoma Synod of Livingstonia
Mountain View Presbyterian Church, Loveland, Colorado Engalaweni Congregation (in Mzimba district) - Livingstonia Synod  
Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church,
Austin, Texas
Manyamula Congregation (in Mzimba district) - Livingstonia Synod  

  You can find very good resources on how to plan and prepare for a team to visit Malawi at the Pittsburgh - Malawi Partnership site.