Reaction to the 2007 Face-to-Face Meeting

By Rev. Otis Smith

Earline and I have been rejoicing since we returned from Malawi Mission Network Face -to - Face in Pittsburgh, PA in November 2007. We were hungry for the social contact and to fellowship with those who are involved, as we are, in Malawi. We were not disappointed. Mark Plumb, Phyllis Wezeman and members of the Leadership Team had planned a conference that allowed plenty of personal exchange.

We missed some of the old timers, but were pleasantly surprised by those attending for the first time. We also missed the sessions where participants told how there were involved in Malawi. Scheduling this conference in early November allowed Dr. Henry and Jenny Kirk of the University of Livingstonia Foundation to attend. We met them in 2004 when we visited   Livingstonia, Malawi.  Dr. Henry is Vice Chancellor and Jenny is Director of University Relations of Livingstonia University. We were delighted to hear the progress being made at the University.

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Rev. Otis Smith

It is always a treat to fellowship with the Malawian people. They are a blessed people, full of joy and exchange very freely. Thank God they are not shackled with 300 years of American slavery and 60 years of segregation. They are free to give and receive with their hearts.

Have you ever taken a cable car top of a mountain? Have you stood on the top of that mountain to witness three rivers coming together? Have you ever watched the Pittsburgh, PA. sky line at night? Have you ever been fed "all you eat" at a local church? If not, brothers and sisters you ought to have been with the participants our last night at the Conference. We had a night on the town.

Otis and Earline are African Connection for the National Black Presbyterian Caucus and if it is God's will, will be returning to Malawi in August 2008.